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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Feminist Erotica II

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my ambitions to post both my true and fictional dirty stories about M. But I’m insecure about my fiction-writing, so I’ve decided to post about a couple other writers’ feminist erotica before subjecting you all to my own.

I already wrote about I.G. Frederick’s X-rated stories. Today, I treat you to a link to the Office Slut series on long-distance sub, a blog by a fellow feminist submissive. The first story in the series is “Sales Report,” and this just may be THE HOTTEST STORY EVER.

Well, at least, in my judgment of what’s hot. It features all sorts of elements that are common in my own masturbatory fantasies – a single naked woman in a room full of well-dressed men (think suits and ties), a gang bang, and most important, the absurd fantasy of the sex secretary – the female employee whose main responsibility is to be sexually available at all times and occasionally do a little light typing – the lady who greets appropriately attired customers, co-workers and clients in lingerie or her birthday suit and offers them a good fuck instead of coffee. I’ve fantasized about being bent over some corporate desk with my lacy panties around my ankles countless times, so when “Sales Report” describes Lyn as naked in stilettos and surrounded by men talking business, I got very wet.

But lyn, the author of long-distance sub, doesn’t just write X-rated stories about fictional Lyn, the Office Slut. I’ve discovered – after reading more of her blog and corresponding with her in order to write this post – that she and I have a lot in common. Aspects of her real life (a lifelong identity as feminist; a degree in women’s studies, hers a major, mine a minor; exploration of her submissive sexuality) and her posts (true tales of her sexual experiences with her Dom, such as Fun and Games , thoughts about her weight loss, her body, her appearance and her feminism, such as Whose Body) are quite similar to my own. The similarity between our blogs doesn’t stop there. We also have an exhibitionist streak in common. We both post erotic pictures of ourselves … some of lyn’s pictures are more fashion-oriented and erotic like this one from her post entitled Pretty:

But most are full-on explicit nudie pics like this one from Purple Passion:

Well, of course, I had to email lyn and tell her that I’d be posting about the Office Slut stories and what I find feminist about them. And then I asked her my question – does she consider herself a feminist pornographer? Here’s her reply:

Thank you! i’m totally tickled that you want to link to the stories, and that you find them feminist – that rocks. Because my vision for Lyn is really all about empowerment, and i’m thrilled that comes through.

As for your question… it’s really interesting that you should ask that right now. In the middle of our most recent photo shoot, it suddenly occurred to me that my Master and i were part of the Internet porn industry. That this label – pornographer – could be applied to me. We’ve been taking and posting explicit pictures for a couple of years now, so it’s not new, but it was the first time i’ve thought about it in those terms. So to answer half your question, yes, i do consider myself a pornographer. As to the feminist part – hell yeah! i’ve been a feminist my whole life, even majored in women’s studies in college. Occasionally my particular brand of submission causes me some cognitive dissonance, because of the strong focus on creating and maintaining a traditional feminine appearance. But i feel more connected to and in touch with my body now than i ever did when i was a fat, short-haired, flannel-shirted bi-dyke in college. And happy and content about both that body, and the way in which it (and i) move through and interact with the world. i am me in a way that i wasn’t then. My submission makes me happy. Stronger. Focused. My feminism, and my belief in a woman’s right to choose her own path, is what allows me to choose this one, and find empowerment and strength there.

So what do I find feminist about these stories? That’s a good question, because on the surface, these stories are not at all feminist. They are set in an old boy’s club – an office where the people in power are men, and the woman is primarily a sex object.

How do I reconcile my own potential for cognitive dissonance between my feminism and my sexuality? How do I reconcile the apparent contradiction between my desire for women’s equality in the boardroom and my love of stories like lyn’s?

I’ll tell you how: shameless hunger for cock.

Lyn, the fictional office slut, hungers for cock the way a man hungers for pussy. Personally, I find shamelessness about sexual desires to be a much more important feminist goal than breaking the glass ceiling. Freedom to explore sexuality in one’s personal life is extremely important to me. And so I proudly declare my fantasies about slutting myself out in an office setting. I mean – come on – how many men would jump at the chance to be a professional pussy-eater and the center of attention in a roomful of horny women? Well, I, too, love the idea of commanding the attention of lots of cocks, and so does Lyn.

But there’s something else about lyn and her Master and her blog that is extremely feminist to me. That cognitive dissonance she experiences between her traditionally feminine appearance and her politics. I have no problem with that. Not in her, and not in myself. I find her very feminine appearance and her nudie pictures to be the most feminist thing about her and her blog. She may have gotten closer to the pornographic ideal by losing weight and getting acrylic nails and waxing her pussy at her Master’s “command,” but hers is a very real body, a very adult body. At various times throughout her blog, we see brown moles dotting her creamy white legs like stars in the sky and silvery stretchmarks crossing her small round belly like lightening bolts – all surrounding her pretty pink hairless pussy. Mainstream pornography and fashion magazines would photoshop out the brown and silver and just leave the white and pink. So I love it that lyn and her Master reject that invented visual fantasy in favor of sexy images of reality. I love it when a fellow formerly fat woman with stretchmarks and moles asserts her right to be feminine, sexual and objectified. And I love it even more that her man lusts for her real body and takes all these sexy pictures of it. That’s a man who deserves a feminist’s sexual submission.

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